Peach House Presents was born in Herine Palacios' run-down, two bedroom apartment. They started by hosting impulsive art nights about once a month, and eventually decided they wanted to host live music.

Palacios, an artist with a background in social work, was particularly interested in how minorities and under-recognized artists fit into the music and art scene. With this in mind, and after consulting with friends and creatives in the scene, they sought to establish an inclusive collective of supportive buds. They were pleasantly surprised by the overwhelmingly positive response: Not only were Sacramentans interested in working together, international bands were intrigued. The one-time show that Palacios had been planning quickly ballooned into a festival, simply to fit all their friends and acquaintances on one bill.

The first Daydream Festival was held at the Latino Center of Art and Culture. A supportive community of artists came together, ticket costs remained low, and of course the festival was a hit!

Our dreams came true. Without any paid advertisement, and solely from word of mouth, we were featured in Sacramento News and Review, Tube, and even the Sacramento Bee. Lately, we've broadened our horizons with events such as clothing swaps and figure drawing workshops, and are ecstatic to have received support from the Creative Economy Grant under Sacramento County.

Daydream Festival 2 came and went. (So did Peachy Zine Fest!) Next up is Daydream Festival 3, sponsored by DBA Arts and held in a new spot: Dwellpoint! See you there. :)


Q: Tell me about Peach House Presents!

A: We are a booking agency and creative collaborative, led by Herine Palacios with the help of co-curator and developer Sam Fields. We aim to look at the needs of the creative community, and hold events based on those needs. Whether it's music, visual art, poetry gatherings, or some other thing, we just want to smother ourselves in the gooey goodness of art diversity! Herine and Sam are both artists and musicians, and include all of our talented friends in our projects.

Q: What kinds of artists do you work with?

A: All kinds! We constantly have wheels spinning in different art scenes are always looking for new ideas to showcase. We have a real soft spot for supportive and friendly artists. Sure, a big following is nice, but when we believe in the art and the artist, it's not necessary. We love creatives that love to work together.

Q: What are your guidelines for visual artists?

A: As far as the content and medium, none! That said, if you're interested in participating in one of our shows or galleries, you'll need to submit work to us two months before the event.

Q: I'm a musician and I want to book a show with Peach House Presents. How do I do that?

A: First, send us a link to your stuff on Bandcamp/Soundcloud/YouTube. An MP3 works too, although we prefer links. After that, we'll contact you and let you know if we're interested. If you don't hear back within two weeks, you are totally free to bug us with more emails!

Q: I don't really have an online presence, is that okay?

A: Of course! We want to get our favorite small artists in front of an audience. If we book with you, it's because 1) We think we'll be able to work together harmoniously, and 2) We love your art.

Q: How can I contact you?

A: If you're sending a submission, please review our contact info below. If you just want feedback on your project, you can send it to 'peachhousepresents@gmail.com'. We are happy to check it out.

Q: Where do you book your shows?

A: Daydream Festival will only be held at a nonprofit. We believe these spaces are inclusive to underrepresented communities, and we also want participants to see what resources are available to them through nonprofits. Our other events might be held at local venues and galleries, nonprofits, or houses. We are into DIY spirit.

Q: Are your shows all ages?

A: We aim to make every show 'all ages', and if for some reason we aren't able to do that, we'll make it obvious on the flier.

Q: How much is a ticket to a show?

A: This will depend on the show. Ideally, a ticket will never cost more than $20. We aim to keep events affordable, but also want to pay our creative community fairly. We try our best to offer sliding scale low cost tickets, as well as some scholarship tickets for people who love the arts but absolutely can't afford a ticket.

Q: I want to be a vendor at Daydream Festival.

A: Sounds great! We are giving priority to local Sacramento vendors, but everyone is welcome. Email us for more information.


Herine: herine@peachhousepresents.com
Sam: sam@peachhousepresents.com
Ticket Support: orders@peachhousepresents.com

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